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Minecraft Live Mob Vote!
As many of you have seen, Minecraft has released the three mobs that we can vote for at Minecraft Live on October 16th. They are the Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem!

We've gone and made our own Mob Vote in-game where you can vote for your favorite of the three and enable a Tag to show your support! Those who voted for the winning mob from Minecraft Live will receive a free Hurricane Key.

Use /mobvote on the Survival Realm to cast your vote!

Auction House!

The Auction House is here (again)! A bug unfortunately broke our Auction House just before release, so we had to swap to a new system. Well, it's now ready for everyone to list and purchase items!

Our Auction House has the ability to have both a Buy Now mode (flat price for an item) and...
The launch of the Survival Realm has been great, thank you to everyone who has shown up so far! We've been hard at work fixing bugs and features, but there are likely are still more. Please let us know of any bugs you find by creating a ticket in #support.

We're also looking for feedback! We had a hard time gauging how simple things would be to understand, so feel free to let us know how your experience has been and what we can do better in #feedback.

In other news, here are some events we have planned for the rest of the day:
🔹6:30pm CST/7:30pm EST - Thunder Key-all | Everyone on the Survival Realm will receive a Thunder Key

🔹7 pm CST/8pm EST - Ender Dragon Respawn | We're going to set a warp into the end for everyone to come and fight together (or not)!

🔹8pm CST/9pm EST - Nimbus Rank Giveaway Results | We will announce the results of the Nimbus Rank Twitter giveaway. If...
SkiesCentral is releasing its 1.17 Survival Realm on October 8th at 2pm CST. That's just 6 days away! Our team is working on getting everything finished up, but we were able to get a trailer made for our release to hype things up! It has been posted to all of our social media, so follow us everywhere

On our Twitter though, everyone who Follows + Retweets our tweet will be entered for a chance to win the Nimbus Rank, which is our $150 top rank!

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