New Survival Update - Auction House, Mob Vote, and more

Minecraft Live Mob Vote!
As many of you have seen, Minecraft has released the three mobs that we can vote for at Minecraft Live on October 16th. They are the Glare, Allay, and Copper Golem!

We've gone and made our own Mob Vote in-game where you can vote for your favorite of the three and enable a Tag to show your support! Those who voted for the winning mob from Minecraft Live will receive a free Hurricane Key.

Use /mobvote on the Survival Realm to cast your vote!

Auction House!

The Auction House is here (again)! A bug unfortunately broke our Auction House just before release, so we had to swap to a new system. Well, it's now ready for everyone to list and purchase items!

Our Auction House has the ability to have both a Buy Now mode (flat price for an item) and a Bidding mode (bidding against others) for listings!

Check out the Auction House with /ah and list an item with /ah sell!

Tag suggestions needed!

We're looking to add some new tags onto the Survival Realm, but we need suggestions! Use the Google Form below to send us submissions for new tags. Players who have their tag accepted will receive the tag in-game and a free Hurricane Key!

Rule Updates!

We've updated our rules to specify more rules for the Survival Realm. Specifically, we added rules around farms and what they can do as well as some Approved Mods. Please make sure to review the rules often!